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Cisco SLM2024 Redirecting VLAN packets to wrong port


We have a Cisco SLM2024 router, firmware version, boot version 1.0.1, hardware version 00.03.00. We have 3 VLAN's setup on this switch using vlan tagging that carries high traffic voip.

We have recently been performing some packet traces trying to determine some problems on our voip network that is connected via this switch and discovered that intermittantly some packets that are being delivered to the wrong port on the switch - randomly. We verified this via a wireshark capture whereby the 3 ports we are monitoring have 3 connections with different IP addresses however packets that should have gone to an alternate port with the correct IP address randomly shows up on these ports.

I'm not sure how the packets are accidentally leaking to another port and wondering if anyone else has noticed this problem?

Our setup we have 3 VLAN's with 3 different ID tag #'s. The id tag numbers are assigned to the PVID for the respective ports however the ports are maked as untagged. The main ISP connected port that serves us the VLAN's is tagged for all 3 VLAN's.


Darryl Brambilla

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Re: Cisco SLM2024 Redirecting VLAN packets to wrong port


Has no one seen this problem before? We are still having issues and it seems there is no answer for this???


Re: Cisco SLM2024 Redirecting VLAN packets to wrong port

No there is not any known issues with this.  You said you have 3 vlans configured on the device.  Could you be a little more specific as to what your seeing with the vlan traffic and the port settings that are set on the switch (ex, port role, access or trunk, pvid of the port and port membership.  If you could show what ports are seeing the vlan traffic that it is not suppose to be seeing.

Also if you upgraded the firmware did you do a factory reset of the device?  Have you tried to relashing the firmware and performing a factory reset after that.  I would give this a try and retest your switch.

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