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CLI command to find the temperature on CSS11503


Appreciate your quick assistance here.

My Customer is working on optimizing the environmental conditions at all his Data Center locations (Currently they are in the range 68F to 74F at their locations and they want to increase the temp to 76F) . So, the customer wants to know the standard low / average / high thresholds of CSS11503 switches that they have in their Data Center locations and the current readings of these switches in their network just to make sure so that they don't raise the temperate in the hot location and end up having platforms shut down because the temperate was raised without confirming the platform and ambient temperature.

After doing some research in CCO, I found this below link which talks about the Ambient Operating temperature.


•Ambient operating temperature is 32° to 104°F (0 to 40°C)

I am trying to find the CLI show command that I can use to get the current readings, but I couldn’t find the show environment temperature command on the customer's production switch.  In my opinion, “show environment temperature” command is kind of a standard command which should be on the switch irrespective of the code that it is running. But for some reason, I couldn’t find it on the production box. Is there any other related CLI show command that gives me this information that I am looking for? I also tried to find the “show diag environment” from the support forum on the production box, but no luck even with this.

Here is the production box,

#show  version

Version:               sg0820201 (

Flash (Locked):

Flash (Operational):

Type:                  PRIMARY

Licensed Cmd Set(s):   Standard Feature Set

#show ?

  1                   Show slot

  0                   Show slot

  acl                 Show Access Controls Lists

  aliases             Show alias commands

  app                 Show APP information

  app-udp             Show APP-UDP information

  archive             Show Archive directory or an individual archive file

  arp                 Show ARP information

  boot-config         Show the system boot configuration

  bridge              Show Bridging information

  cdp                 Show information about cdp advertisement

  chassis             Show chassis configuration

  circuits            Show circuit information

  clock               Show current date and time

  cmd-sched           Show command scheduler information

  content             Show current entries in the content service database

  core                Show system Core files

  critical-reporters  Show critical-reporters information

  critical-services   Show critical-services information

  dfp                 Show DFP Agent information

  dfp-reports         Show Weight Reported by DFP Agent

  dhcp-relay-agent    Show DHCP Relay Agent information

  disk                Show disk information

  dns-boomerang       Display Content Routing statistics

  dns-peer            Show DNS Peering information

  dns-record          Show DNS record information

  dns-server          Show DNS Server information

  domain              Show content domain summary information

  dormant             Show redundant flow information

  dos                 Display Denial of Service (DOS) statistics

  dql                 Show Domain Qualifier Lists

  dump-status         Show system dump status

  eql                 Show Extension Qualifier Lists

  ether-errors        Show RFC1398 extended Statistics

  ether-errors-32     Show RFC1398 Statistics

  flow-state-table    Show Flow-State configuration table

  flow-timeout        Display flow-timeout values.

  flows               Show flow summary information

  global-portmap      Show SFP global portmap info

  group               Show group information

  gsdb-interface      Show GSDB interface information

  header-field-group  Show configured Header-Field-Group List

  history             Show the session command history

  http-methods        Show HTTP supported methods

  http-redirect-opt.. Show SFP http-redirect-option info

  installed-software  Show currently installed software

  interface           Show interface information

  inventory           Show UDI inventory

  ip                  Show IP information

  ip-fragment-stats   Show IP fragment statistics

  isc-ports           Show configured Inter-Switch Communication Ports.

  keepalive           Show Keepalives

  keepalive-summary   Show summary info on all keepalives

  lines               Show currently connected lines

  load                Show global load information

  log                 Send log activity to this session or display an individual

                      log file

  log-list            Show log directory

  log-state           Show the state of active logging

  map                 Show MSD mapping

  mibii               Show MIBII extended information

  mibii-32            Show MIBII information

  noflow-portmap      Show SFP noflow portmap info

  nql                 Show Network Qualifier Lists

  ospf                Show OSPF information

  owner               Show owner configuration information

  phy                 Show PHY information

  profile             Show the running user profile

  proximity           Show proximity information

  publisher           Show publisher information

  radius              Show radius information

  redundancy          Show information about box-box redundancy

  redundant-interfa.. Show redundant-interface information

  redundant-vips      Show redundant-vip information

  remap               Show SFP remap info

  reporter            Show reporter information

  rip                 Show RIP information

  rmon                Show RMON extended statistics

  rmon-32             Show RMON statistics

  rmon-history        Show RMON history

  rule                Show content rule information

  rule-summary        Show content rule summary information

  running-config      Show the running configuration

  sasp                Show SASP information

  sasp-agent          Show detailed information for a sasp-agent

  sasp-agent-summary  Show a summary of the SASP Agents

  script              Show script directory or an individual script

  service             Show service information

  session-redundant   Show session redundancy configuration

  setspan             Show configured SPAN settings.

  sntp                Show SNTP information

  sockets             Show a status of all open sockets

  sshd                Show SSHD information

  ssl                 Show commands for SSL

  ssl-proxy-list      Show SSL Proxy Lists

  startup-config      Show the startup configuration

  startup-errors      Show errors occuring during startup configuration

  sticky-stats        Show sticky connection statistics

  sticky-table        Show sticky information

  subscriber          Show subscriber information

  summary             Show owner summary information

  system-resources    Show system-resources

  tacacs-server       Show TACACS+ server information

  trunk               Trunking table

  uptime              Show the uptime of the unit

  urql                Show Url Qualifier Lists

  user-database       Show configured users

  variable            Show user Variable(s)

  version             Show the current software version

  virtual-routers     Show virtual router information

  zone                Show PCM zone information

Appreciate your quick response.



New Member

CLI command to find the temperature on CSS11503

On my SG500-28 I found this command:SG500-28-1#show environment temperature status

but it returns N/A and I don't see a temp on the web gui either but maybe you'll have better luck if this works on your switch.

New Member

show system

show system

provides the FAN status and (internal) temperature or our SG500 switches.

this is pretty old request

this is pretty old request already, but... ok.

this command works:

css# llama
css(debug)# show temperature all 

the temperature info is hidden into special debug mode of CSS unit. Command output shows temperature based on slot ("all" for showing all slots). example:

css(debug)# show temperature all
Slot 1 Temperature - 34 degrees C.
Slot 2 is not populated.
Slot 3 is not populated.
Slot 4 Temperature - 32 degrees C.

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