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Configuration Problem?

I have problems with switch SG300-20. The switch is connected to a AVM FritzBox.
Configured are fix and dynamic (DHCP) IP Areas (see attachment) in the FritzBox.

Following issues occurs.
The devices with dynamic IP's get not a valid IP-Address after restart.

The devices with a fix IP-Address get also not Internet access after restarting, but I can fix the Problem when I disconnect-connect the Network cable between FritzBox and switch.  

In the past a Cisco certified Partner has looked to the switch configuration but can't help me.

For my opinion it is a configuration Problem, can you give me a tip to solve the Problem please.
Currently I have installed a old Netgear switch (Fast Ethernet), it works in the same configuration propper.

Many thanks in advance.

BR from Cologne (Germany)








Hi, is it possible the

Hi, is it possible the FritzBox and INX IP router both have DHCP server enabled?  This could cause the issue you describe.  If you are sure that is not the case maybe you can share your config (show run).



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