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configure Voice VLAn on SG-300 switches



I am new to voice VLAN. I would like to make the network works like the diagram below. a phone connected to the switch gets a address on VLAN5 and a PC connect to the back of the phone gets an address on VLAN1. There is a DHCP server on VLAN5 on the ASA interface and also a DHCP server on VLAN1 on a DC. I got stuck on how to configure the SG-300 switch. Router is ASA5505 and phone is SPA 525G.

VLAN 1 and VLAN5 can ping each other and both have internet connection. Auto Voice VLAN  and Smart Port are enabled on the switch(see attachment).


what i have tried:

if i use VLAN1 as native VLAN for all the ports and tags VLAN5,  the phone will get a IP on VLAN1. (all ports are trunk).

If i put Port B and Port C on VLAN5 untagged, the phone will get IP on VLAN5, but the PC attached to it is on VLAN5 also. (all ports are trunk).

Please help.  or there is a better way to get this work? should sub interfaces?








Hello Kindly check the below



Kindly check the below config:-


(config)#voice vlan id 5

** this will create vlan 5 "Voice"

(config)#voice vlan state auto-enabled

(config)#interface range fa1-24

(config-if-range)#switchport trunk native vlan 1  

(config-if-range)#switchport trunk allowed vlan add 5



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