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New Member

Default Routing not working on SGE2010P


I was wondering if anyone could help?

I have configured the above switch with 2 vlans, with vlan interfaces and a default route that points to an internet router.

The switch is running in Layer 3 mode

================                              ================

=                            =          Vlan5            =                            =

=       SGE2010       = ++++++++++++++ =        Draytek         = ------------------ INTERNET

=                            =                              =                            =

================                              ================


Vlan 5 Data

Vlan 10 Voice

Int Vlan 5

Int vlan 10

The inter vlan routing works fine with the  .253 addresses as the default gateway to the PC's but I cannot browse the internet.

When I change my gateway to the router .254 address, I get out on the internet fine.

Basically the default static route is not working........

I have attached my running config.



Re: Default Routing not working on SGE2010P

Hi malcolm,

The question in my mind is,  who is acting as a DHCP server for the members of  VLAN5, is it the Draytek router ?

Is there really a need to have PC hosts within VLAN5 using the SGE2010 as it's gateway, considering they are going to the Drayteck router anyway.

But the bottom line is that default route should work, I am guessing you are using a  switch in the following switch port  range as the uplink to the draytek router. (taken from your config)

interface range ethernet g(45-47)

switchport access vlan 5

I would not be surprised , if you were to place a PC running wireshark on the uplink port, you would see the ARP  packets from Hosts on VLAN5 looking for  unknown destinations  out to the PC running wireshark.

regards Dave

New Member

Re: Default Routing not working on SGE2010P

Hi Dave

Thanks for your reply.

The issue is not related to DHCP. There is a DHCP server on vlan 5 and all hosts are being allocated addresses correctly.

The reason the pc's need to use the SGE as their gateway is because they need access to the voice network, via it's interface on the SGE.

Re: Default Routing not working on SGE2010P

Hi Malcolm.

Do you have a static route in the Draytek so this router can redirect traffic to the voice VLAN. i.e.

I will verbalize the command.

To get to network of with mask=  goto nexthop

try it and let me know your result.

regards Dave

New Member

Re: Default Routing not working on SGE2010P

Hi David

Thanks fo rthe reply.

I have a default static route on the switch pointing to the router for the data network (

There is no need for the phones or the controller on the voice network to access the internet, so there is no need for a static route on the router pointing back to the switch for the voice vlan.

The issue I have is that the data network cannot access the internet, even though the link between the switch and the router is in the data network!

I cannot even do a nslookup on the pc when I am using the switch as the default gateway.

Because this switch is GUI based, it takes a long time to configure one.......especially since I am used to command line To speed up the process I took another working config, changed the vlans and ip addresses on the interfaces and imported it into the switch....the equivilent of pasting in your running config on an IOS router or switch.

I have checked all the fields in the GUI and all the config appears to be there, so I am beginning to think that there may be an issue with the data that was imported! Even though it all looks like it is correct, there may be a corruption in the underlying configuration!!!

I may have to resort to resetting it back to default and inputting the data via the GUI.....not impressed


Re: Default Routing not working on SGE2010P

Hi Malcolm,

I have to say the once you get a feel for the GUI, it's great, shame but , you've seen the posts on how to access the unsupported CLI. 

Malcolm,  i wonder what the default gateway is for the IP phones on the voice vlan? 

If the default gateway for IP hosts in the voice vlan is the SGE2010 vlan 10 IP address, then I would be scratching my head as well,  wondering what was happening.  It may be a interesting exercise to plug a PC in VLAN 10  with the port in access mode and set the PC default gateway to and see it it communicates with PC's in the data VLAN 5.

If the default gateway for the IP phones on VLAN 10 is it's call control device, what ever that device is, then i can understand why the IP hosts in the data network cannot get a reply from IP hosts in the voice VLAN.

If both data and voice VLANs are using the SGE2010 as their respective default gateway, and the switch was manually placed in layer 3 mode then , have a chat with the good folk at the Small Business Support Center (SBSC).

They have the ability to run a webex session to your PC and get to the root of your problem,

regards Dave