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Delay bettween commands - CLI SG500X

I am using CLI to set my VLAN's and various other settings when setting up a switch for the first time - I paste the text below into PUTTY and one after the other, the commands are dealt with. However, when it gets to the 2nd to last line, interface range te1/1/1-2, it errors as an unrecognised command. However, if I type it in separately, it works, so I know it's not me!

From the output I'm getting, it 'looks' like I need to put a delay in, so that the previous command is dealt with, before it moves onto the next, as it seems to not be recognising that the next line is a new command and not a continuation of the previous.

This is the text I paste into PUTTY which autoscrolls through until it gets to the interface range te1/1/1-2 line, where it seems to go wrong.

ip default-gateway
interface vlan 11
name VOIP
interface vlan 10
name ubiquiti-management
interface vlan 30
name campus-access
interface vlan 103
name ec-printers
interface vlan 104
name technician-vlan
interface vlan 105
name ec-admin
interface vlan 106
name ec-curriculum
interface vlan 108
name apple-macs
interface vlan 109
name vdi-clients
interface vlan 110
name filtered-wifi
interface vlan 120
name sa-preprep
interface vlan 121
name sa-admin
interface vlan 122
name sa-curriculum
interface vlan 201
name switch-management
interface vlan 202
name aerohive-management
interface vlan 203
name cctv-management
interface vlan 212
name wifi-ecguest
interface vlan 500
interface range gi1/1/1-48
no macro auto smartport
interface range te1/1/1-2
no macro auto smartport


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I have come across this

I have come across this sometimes too.  There is just a delay after running certain commands before the CLI will allow further input.  You should be able to fix that in Putty or use a different console program.  Hyperterminal has options to slow it down.  You just need to tell your terminal program to slow down a bit after each CR and perhaps each character too.  Some terminal programs will also allow you to write scripts to include pauses and that could be helpful in your case since you only need to slow down at certain points.

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