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Deny access to SG300 from outside

I've configured a range SG300 to be used in a building for users to get internet access via theire own FW.

It's using QoS and some traffic shaping.

Every now and then i need to change some settings on it, and it's kinda stupid if i have to get out to the location every time i need to change something. To solve that i configured the Managment Access bit where only my office subnet has access to it. Ofcourse that solves some of my concernes aobut access from rest of the world, but i would very much like to have access to it from the location also, and from my homeoffice.

How can i solve this ??  not sure how i would configure ace/acl to solve it without fu..g up access completly.

Thnsk for any help


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Deny access to SG300 from outside


Does the firewall support VPN access? That would be the most secure way to manage the switch remotely.

- Marty

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Deny access to SG300 from outside

there is no firewall in front

Thats why i would like to restrict access to SG300, they are used to connect 21 firewalls to the internet on a /26 net. they are used as a building net where internet comes as fiber, hooked up to a SG300-10SFP where net goes out to SG300-20 using fiber and from the SG300-20 to each enduser that uses theire own firewall's :-)

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Deny access to SG300 from outside

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Deny access to SG300 from outside

thansk for reply, but if you did read my first post.

I'm using access profiles, but you can only add 1 subnet in it, i would like to be able to access it from different locations.

Like from "onsite" where vlan1 has 1 subnet, and from work where i have another subnet, and from homeoffice where i have another subnet.

This cant be done using access profiles.

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