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Does SRW224G4 switch supports IEC61850 Protocol?

Does SRW224G4 switch supports IEC61850 Protocol?


Re: Does SRW224G4 switch supports IEC61850 Protocol?


Please correct me if I am wrong, but that protocol you speak of, is more for power  control type networks.

For my own education, I was trying to check any reference to the protocol and came up virtually blank, all i could see was, like most protocols or proprietary protocols  these days, they can  run encapsulated inside a standard Ethernet frame?  Looks like the seimens folks help create this protocol  and some other manufacturers have jumped on that band wagon.

Maybe the question almost could be, does IEC6150 protocol hosts interface or run over  standard Ethernet switches.  If that answer is yes, then the SRW224G4 can support that protocol over Ethernet.  But i'm guessing seimens may have tied switch management into the protocol.

Would you be so kind and  have a word to the supplier of IEC6150 equipement and pose the question to him/her, if their equipement can run over stock standard ethernet switchs that support, jumbo frame technology,  fiber SFP's  and VLAN technology ?  I suspect you may be locked into a limited number of suppliers.


regards Dave

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