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Does the SGE2010 support 10gb Mini GBIC?



I have one 48 port SGE2010 and one 24 port SGE2000P at separate sites that are connected with single-mode fiber. I was wondering if the SGE's will support 10gb Mini GBIC transceivers or only 1gb Mini GBIC transceivers? I would like to connect the two switches at 10gb.


Example transceiver:


Thanks in advance!

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Hello, kbillingham. The

Hello, kbillingham. The SGE2010 and the SGE2000P only has Gigabit (Mini GBIC) uplink ports. You may need to upgrade both of your switch to support 10GB Mini GBIC uplinks to establish this kind of connection or to even use the SFP module on the link. Are these switches new, by the way? Feel free e-mail ( me for additional concerns. Kind regards. 

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OK thanks. They are about a

OK thanks. They are about a year and a half old. I am trying to improve the speed between the two sites. I currently have an ethernet to fiber convertor at 1Gb.

I would like to improve this link to at least 2Gb. If I find a 2Gb convertor would the two switches be able to negotiate a trunk over the fiber?


Thanks in advance.


Hello,I have never actually


I have never actually seen a 2Gb connector, but even if you found one the SGE switches are only able to do 1Gb on it's ports.  You may be able to configure a link aggregation between the two switches, but that really only gives you more bandwidth when there are lots of different hosts communicating over the link. I go over why this is in this post, starting with the second paragraph of my reply.

If you really would like a faster link the next step up is 10Gb.  The SG500 switches can support a 5Gb link between them (although this still uses either the 10Gb stacking cable, or a 10Gb mini-GBIC), and the SG500X supports 10Gb fiber connections.

We also have recently come out with the SG500XG, which can do 10Gb on ethernet ports when you use Cat6A cable.  I understand you may not be looking to upgrade just yet, so Link Aggregation is probably your best option with the switches you have now, but take a look at the post I linked first to see if it will really give you the improvement you are looking for.

Thank you for choosing Cisco,

Christopher Ebert - Advanced Network Support Engineer

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