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New Member

Errors on SG500X / SG500XG stack


We have added two new Units (SG500XG-8F8T) to an existing stack (SG500X-24P)
Prior to that we have upgraded to on all Switches.

We have changed the Stack Mode to Advanced Hybrid XG.

It seemed to work for two days until we now got some errors.
Also, it seems that the Stack is not as stable as it should be, with Stack Ports going up and down.

Any ideas on what we can do?
We have already rebootet the Stack.

The switches are in a remote location, so pulling cables and stuff takes a while :)




2014-Nov-11 09:43:34Error%Stack-E-STCK-EXCEP-HNDLR: Lost connection with unit 3 reason : connection timeout. Unit will be rebooted .      
21474811332014-Nov-11 09:43:34Error%Stack-E-STCK-EXCEP-HNDLR: Lost connection with unit 4 reason : connection timeout. Unit will be rebooted .      
21474815922014-Nov-11 08:11:07Alert%STCK SYSL-A-UNITMSG: UNIT ID 2,Msg:%2SWDMAIN-F-MSTRTMREXPR: SW2P_dist_tp_change_timer_expiry : TIMER expired on MASTER ENABLE unit ***** FATAL ERROR *****    Reporting Task: BOXS. Software Version: (date  06-Aug-2014 time  16:57:43) 0x16bd2c 0x16c290 0x167e50 0x7ca6f8 0x523560 0x523e58 0x524074 0xa 528bc 0xb8b370 0xb8b540 0x1223f0 ***** END OF FATAL ERROR *****   
21474829232014-Nov-11 07:35:20Emergency%2SWDMAIN-F-MSTRTMREXPR: SW2P_dist_tp_change_timer_expiry : TIMER expired on MASTER ENABLE unit ***** FATAL ERROR *****  Reporting Task: BOXS. Software Ver sion: (date  06-Aug-2014 time  16:57:43) 0x16bd2c 0x16c290 0x167e50 0x7ca6f8 0x523560 0x523e58 0x524074 0xa528bc 0xb8b370 0xb8b540 0x1223f0    ***** END OF FATAL ERROR *****   


21474828962014-Nov-11 10:06:28Warning%MNGINF-W-ACL: Management ACL drop packet received on interface Vlan 900 from to protocol 6 service Telnet      
21474828982014-Nov-11 09:49:17Informational%FFO-I-FFO-OPER: Fast Failover is enabled      
21474828992014-Nov-11 09:49:17Informational%STCK SYSL-I-UNITMSG: UNIT ID 4,Msg:%FFO-I-FFO-OPER: Fast Failover is enabled      
21474829002014-Nov-11 09:49:15Informational%STCK SYSL-I-UNITMSG: UNIT ID 2,Msg:%FFO-I-FFO-OPER: Fast Failover is enabled      
21474829012014-Nov-11 09:49:15Informational%STCK SYSL-I-UNITMSG: UNIT ID 2,Msg:%FFO-I-FFO-COMPLETE: Fast Failover is disabled, aggregated (1)      
21474829022014-Nov-11 09:49:15Informational%STCK SYSL-I-UNITMSG: UNIT ID 3,Msg:%FFO-I-FFO-OPER: Fast Failover is enabled      
21474829032014-Nov-11 09:49:15Informational%STCK SYSL-I-UNITMSG: UNIT ID 4,Msg:%CSCDLAG-I-ACTIVE: Stack port XG15 is active in stack LAG 2      
21474829042014-Nov-11 09:49:15Informational%STCK SYSL-I-UNITMSG: UNIT ID 4,Msg:%CSCDLAG-I-UP: Stack port XG15 operational status is UP      
21474829052014-Nov-11 09:49:15Informational%CSCDLAG-I-ACTIVE: Stack port S2 is active in stack LAG 1      
21474829062014-Nov-11 09:49:15Informational%CSCDLAG-I-UP: Stack port S2 operational status is UP      
21474829072014-Nov-11 09:49:12Informational%FFO-I-FFO-COMPLETE: Fast Failover is disabled      
21474829082014-Nov-11 09:49:12Informational%STCK SYSL-I-UNITMSG: UNIT ID 3,Msg:%FFO-I-FFO-COMPLETE: Fast Failover is disabled      
21474829092014-Nov-11 09:49:12Warning%STCK SYSL-W-UNITMSG: UNIT ID 4,Msg:%CSCDLAG-W-DOWN: Stack port XG15 operational status is Down      
21474829102014-Nov-11 09:49:12Warning%FFO-W-FFO-ACTIVE: Fast Failover is triggered      
21474829112014-Nov-11 09:49:12Warning%CSCDLAG-W-DOWN: Stack port S2 operational status is Down      
21474829122014-Nov-11 09:48:43Informational%STCK SYSL-I-UNITMSG: UNIT ID 2,Msg:%FFO-I-FFO-OPER: Fast Failover is enabled, aggregated (2)      
21474829132014-Nov-11 09:48:43Informational%STCK SYSL-I-UNITMSG: UNIT ID 2,Msg:%FFO-I-FFO-COMPLETE: Fast Failover is disabled, aggregated (1)      
21474829142014-Nov-11 09:48:19Warning%STP-W-PORTSTATUS: Po3: STP status Forwarding      
21474829152014-Nov-11 09:48:15Informational%TRUNK-I-PORTADDED: Port gi2/1/9 added to Po3      
21474829162014-Nov-11 09:48:15Informational%TRUNK-I-PORTADDED: Port gi1/1/10 added to Po3      
21474829172014-Nov-11 09:48:15Informational%TRUNK-I-PORTADDED: Port gi1/1/9 added to Po3      
21474829182014-Nov-11 09:48:15Informational%LINK-I-Up:  Po3      
21474829192014-Nov-11 09:48:14Informational%TRUNK-I-PORTADDED: Port gi2/1/10 added to Po3, aggregated (1)      
21474829202014-Nov-11 09:48:13Warning%LINK-W-Down:  Po3      
21474829212014-Nov-11 09:48:13Warning%TRUNK-W-PORTREMOVED: Port gi1/1/10 removed from Po3      
21474829222014-Nov-11 09:48:13Warning%TRUNK-W-PORTREMOVED: Port gi2/1/10 removed from Po3      
21474829232014-Nov-11 09:48:13Warning%TRUNK-W-PORTREMOVED: Port gi2/1/9 removed from Po3      
21474829242014-Nov-11 09:48:13Informational%LINK-I-Up:  te4/2/3      
21474829252014-Nov-11 09:48:13Warning%TRUNK-W-PORTREMOVED: Port gi1/1/9 removed from Po3      
21474829262014-Nov-11 09:48:13Informational%TRUNK-I-PORTADDED: Port te4/2/3 added to Po7      
21474829272014-Nov-11 09:48:13Informational%TRUNK-I-PORTADDED: Port gi2/1/10 added to Po3      
21474829282014-Nov-11 09:48:12Informational%TRUNK-I-PORTADDED: Port gi1/1/10 added to Po3      
21474829292014-Nov-11 09:48:12Informational%TRUNK-I-PORTADDED: Port gi2/1/9 added to Po3      
21474829302014-Nov-11 09:48:12Informational%LINK-I-Up:  Po3      
21474829312014-Nov-11 09:48:12Informational%TRUNK-I-PORTADDED: Port gi1/1/9 added to Po3      
21474829322014-Nov-11 09:48:11Informational%LINK-I-Up:  te4/2/2      
21474829332014-Nov-11 09:48:11Informational%TRUNK-I-PORTADDED: Port te4/2/2 added to Po5      
21474829342014-Nov-11 09:48:11Informational%LINK-I-Up:  te4/2/1      
21474829352014-Nov-11 09:48:11Informational%TRUNK-I-PORTADDED: Port te4/2/1 added to Po4      



Hi Michael,I have seen this

Hi Michael,

I have seen this FATAL ERROR *****    Reporting Task: BOXS. only once and we fixed with changing the cable.

But please verify the following:

1. boot code is also upgraded on all of the switches

2. SG500XG-8F8T - needs to have stacking ports manually chosen; 

3. and you did already advanced hybrid mode needs to be chosen on all devices



New Member

Hello Aleksandra1. Boot code

Hello Aleksandra

1. Boot code is updated (

2. Yes, the ports are designated as stacking ports (manually)

3. Yes

That means I need a drive to the Datacenter then, I guess...


Hi Michel,In this case as the

Hi Michel,

In this case as the first step I would recommend you to open the ticket with Small Business Team and please send me the case number via private message. They will prepare troubleshooting steps and/or start the webex session once you on site. That would be the moset efficient approach:



New Member

Hi Michel,I'm having same

Hi Michel,

I'm having same problem with 2 x SG500XG-8F8T and 2 x SG500X-24P in same stack (same stacking mode and software versions).

Problem occurs more frequently during high traffic rate and with multi switch etherchannel has i see in your logs. 

Do you have any response to resolve your issue?


Helder Coelho


New Member

We haven't hat the fatal

We haven't hat the fatal errors anymore after splitting up the stack into 2 stacks with interconnect. Not ideal, but at least this works

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