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ESW-520-24P - New GUI?

We're testing out the ESW series to replace the existing small business series for many of our customers. I was disappointed to see it run the same GUI as the SFE and SGE series switches! It's so clumsy and takes 10x as long to configure. And yes, we modify the clumsy config file offline but it's not that straight forward and always results in some type of error.

Anybody know when the ESW series switches will run the new GUI that the SF 300-24P new small business series runs? I gotta say, I'm very impressed with that GUI as it seem to collapse all the best features of all 3 previous GUI's together.

For now, we will plan on sticking with the SF 300 series until the ESW has the updated GUI.




Re: ESW-520-24P - New GUI?

Hi Robert,

I also really like the new look and feel of the new 300 series.

We are trying to use a standard look and feel for the GUI on the small business products.

So the Small Business  Routers, WAPs.Switches, Security appliances  that are coming online and are online for sale at the moment,  all have the  same look and feel.  I think the ESW switch, because it is really only used on UC5XX will stay the way it is, I have heard no mention of upgrading it's GUI.

Anyway currently, the ESW family of switches  has an advantage of being managed by Cisco Configuration Assistant (CCA).

Robert, for other folks that look at this posting,  I will include a link below to the newer 300 series product comparison pages.

As you will have noticed already, the 300 series is generations ahead of the older  SRW series switches, even allows for Layer 3 routing between VLANs.

But for consistency of changeover from old part to new part , if you ordered in the past a part number  SRW224G4,   the 300 series replacement is now SRW224G4-K9-XX  (where XX can be UK  NA  EU.......... country code of some kind.)

regards Dave

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