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ESW 520 QoS questions


just to put this out there, I am a noob to the world of Cisco, just got my CCNA, and am now working as an intern.

Can you set esw 520 switches to use auto QoS?  We are putting the 520's into an environment of more configurable catalyst switches, and they all use auto QoS.  I am basically wondering how to get the QoS on the 520's to play nice with the auto qos on the nicer catalyst switches...

I have tried just using basic QoS, but that wont work, because when I use the port wizard, I use the macro "ip phone + desktop"

It insists on setting qos, but fails because voice-map does not exists.  The only way I have found to get the macro to work, is to set QoS to advanced, and create a policy map called "voice-map"  of course, after that the macro works, but then I am left with advanced QoS enabled, and hardly am I supposed to know how to configure it if the other switches ( catalyst series) are set to auto?

Im sorry for the seemingly dumb question, but I know next to nothing about QoS other than it is used to prioitize traffic based on data types.


Re: ESW 520 QoS questions

Hey cole, typically with theses switches the smartports will do the QOS with the port role, however you can manually create the QOS for the switch, by creating a ACL to identify the specific traffic comming through the switch port.  Then Create a class map/ policy map/ and then bind it to the ports your wanting to setup QOS on.

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Re: ESW 520 QoS questions

Thank you for your reply! I think I have it figured out...what you said

backs up what I figured out.

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 8:24 AM, davicarr <

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