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Help with VLAN on Cisco SG300-10 Switch

I am having trouble pinging between VLANs on the SG300-10 switch


IP address of my switch is

I have VLAN1



Main router IP address (i am using DD-WRT router)

I can ping from and also can ping internet from both and


Now i want to be able to ping internet from on VLAN2 of the switch

Also i want to be able to ping both and


Please advice what to do next


I have attached all images




To ping both

To ping both and Enable the inter-vlan routing( Change the switch to layer 3 mode-Lead to factory default)-Take backup of the current configuration.

To make Layer 3 mode: Under Administration---->System mode---> Change from L2 to L3


Note: Upgrade the switch firmware and Boot code to latest version.


To ping internet from on VLAN2 of the switch: You need to add the route in your DD-WRT router (Since this router don't know network)


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I already have Layer 3 mode

I already have Layer 3 mode (not sure i could have done all i did if i did not have Layer 3 mode already)


#How do i do intervlan routing?

Did you see the images i attached? Are they ALL correct?


Also if you work for cisco, a screenshot speaks more than a thousand words, but if not possible then a step by step instruction will be greatly appreciate as well


#2 In order to add that route on the DD-WRT router

What will be destination LAN? Gateway?


I already provided all needed information in the opening post


Thanks for helping

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You a cisco employee and

You a cisco employee and cannot help?


I am going to update

I am going to update screenshot.


Once you change the switch to

Once you change the switch to Layer 3 mode-Inter Vlan is enabled-See the figure attached.(fig1.jpg).


As per your attachment with reference to ciscov2png:


For VLAN 1 users(Example): IP :192.168.10.XX/24 Gateway: 


For VLAN 2 users(Example): IP :172.16.0.XX/24 Gateway: 


After above configuration you ping form Vlan1 to vlan 2 (both direction)

Note:your router network(192.168.1.x/24) is not added in this switch.How your ping internet from this network?.Kindly clarify on this.







Hi,I think that you connect a


I think that you connect a PC on port 10, can you ping your default gateway ( from that host?


New Member

Yes i can ping the gateway,

Yes i can ping the gateway, and that is after setting static IP on the PC...not like automatic IP. I can even ping which is ip of the switch..nothing more from there

Ok,So your problem is with DD


So your problem is with DD-WRT router, do you add your LAN routes? for example you have to add the route with like next hope into DD-WRT.


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The router is not taking that

The router is not taking that route ( with gateway only route it takes is with gateway (see image below)




I have a buffalo DDWRT router on ip address and i have configured VLAN10 on LAN port 1 for subnet

Now the thing here is i plugged in a Cisco SG300-10 switch with ip address on LAN port 1 of the buffalo DDWRT router and want to configure VLAN2 on the cisco switch for subnet

I am able to do this but the problem is i cannot ping the internet from and also cannot ping the and cannot ping i can ping which is the ip address of the switch since i am directly connected i am guessing but cannot ping any other address on the subnet)

What i want to be able to do

#1 ping subnet
#2 ping subnet
#3 ping the internet

What do i do?
I have attached images


New Member

DDWRT router#####IP address

DDWRT router

IP address

LAN Port1 is configured for VLAN10 subnet and gateway (the Cisco SG300 is plugged into this port)
Cisco SG300-10 Switch
GE1/Port1 of switch is connected to LAN Port1 of DDWRT router
Default VLAN of switch is VLAN1
IP address(management ip address)

VLAN2 is configured for GE9/Port9 and GE10/Port10 for subnet with gateway


What i want to be able to do from the VLAN2 on the switch subnet is to:

#1 ping subnet
#2 ping subnet
#3 ping the internet

Currently cannot ping can only ping the gateway and which is the ip of the switch it is directly connected cannot ping anything else. And no one else can ping it.

Let me know what other information you need

Hi,Do you have an option to


Do you have an option to make a tracert from DDWRT Router?

I see on ddwrtv10 image that is attached to vlan10 interface;

- Do you add this interface?

- Is this interface on vlan 1?

Can you add another image from your routing table, with more detail please?


New Member

Most of your questions can be

Most of your questions can be answered by just going over what am trying to do and what i have written and the images i have attached..every single question you have most likely can be answered from what i have already



Like i said DDWRT create a VLAN10 where the cisco switch is connected

the route you saw is added automatically by the router

The interface is VLAN10 on port1 of the DDWRT router


Anyways i have other switch wont let me so many routes i try complains about almost any combination of routes i try to enter from being  illegal route to cannot add route for ip on the is just getting really annoying



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