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How do I configure SNMP v1/2 on a Cisco SG200-50?


I have an SG200-50 small business switch that I need to configure SNMP on.  It has the latest firmware and boot code installed on it and so the SNMP configuration tab appears in the GUI.

However, when I enable SNMP in the TCP/UDP services page on the switch and create a RO community string (let's say 'public') it is completely unreachable via SNMP.

I have configured other switches in the past for SNMP and it was always as simple as enabling SNMP (if necessary) and creating a community string for access.  I don't understand what could be mucking this up here.

Under the TCP/UDP services tab, the GUI says that the switch is listening on the SNMP port of UDP 161.

Am I missing something obvious?

Many Thanks,


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Hi Jon, see if this helps- go

Hi Jon, see if this helps- go to and search switches > snmp.  There is an article ID 3590 about setting up SNMP on these switches.  Unfortunately the site does not seem to allow linking directly to pages.



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Hi Brandon,Thanks so much for

Hi Brandon,

Thanks so much for the quick reply! I followed exactly what was prescribed by the article you mentioned, but it still doesn't work.  So I decided to perform a port scan of the switch and I was able to determine that it is not listening on UDP 161 (SNMP) as the GUI claims that it is.  I am going to reboot it one more time, but besides that, I am at a loss as to what to do.




Strange.  You did scan

Strange.  You did scan connected directly to switch I guess?  What software version?  I do recall some time ago enabling SNMP on a bunch of 200 series switches and had to upgrade, but I think t was to get SNMP feature at all, not because of an issue with it not working.  Is the switch new?  It comes with free phone support from Cisco.



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Thanks Brandon.  Yes, I had

Thanks Brandon.  Yes, I had to upgrade the firmware initially to gain access to the SNMP management features.  They weren't available out-of-the-box.

I will probably call Cisco for support whenever I have a free moment.


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You just need to enable snmp service on the Security->TCP UDP Services page.

page 334


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