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How to Assign IP address to VLANs when using a GUI

Hi Guys

I have just purchased a SG300-28P switch I am using a GUI to do my config. I cant create VLANs just fine on this but I can not assign IP address to the VLANs.

I just want to have a Data and Voice VLAN on this I am planning on leaving data on VLAn 1 but I can't seem to find an option to assign an IP address to my voice vlan.

Please can U assist in this.

For some odd reason I cant access this switch using a console port.

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How to Assign IP address to VLANs when using a GUI

Hello Dumisani,

The switch by default is in layer 2 mode. You cannot assign an IP to any VLAN except the management VLAN.

As for console access, ensure your settings are correctly input;

Baud 115,200

data bit 8

parity none

stopbit 1

flow control none

Additionally, within the GUI, you can navigate to;

Security -> TCP/UDP services and enable the telnet or other features to access the CLI over ethernet connection

Ensure you're on the firmware as well. The software did not have the CLI, everything else above does.

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Re: How to Assign IP address to VLANs when using a GUI

Hi Dumisani,

Your SG300-28P has to be in layer 3 mode. Then, you can assign ip addresses to the vlans under IP configuration -> ipv4 interface.

To go from layer 2 to layer 3, console, telnet, or ssh to the switch and use this command: 

Switch# set system mode router

Please note that your existing config will be erased and the switch will reboot.

Then you will notice the web ui menu will look a bit more robust, and you'll have the additional ipv4 address options to set the IP for the 2nd vlan.

What baud rate are you using on the console?  Try these settings?

Edit:   Looks like Tom beat me to it.... nice work



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