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How to disable inter-VLAN ping response from L3 switch

Correction - This was originally posted for my SG300, but it's actually one of my SGE/2010


I am experiencing an odd behavior from my SG300.  When pinging an IP that is in another VLAN (which requires L3 routing), my switch responds if an IP does not exist on the network.  For example, let's say I am on subnet A ( and I want to ping an IP on subnet B (  If the IP does not exist on subnet B, the SG300 will respond that 'Destination host unreachable'.

You may ask, so what's the big deal?  And for the most part I agree, however, there are some circumstances where certain searches on the network falsely identify this as a device residing at that IP.  One example is Spiceworks and another is Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager.  In both instances, the software is looking for devices to add to inventory and when it receives this 'Destination host unreachable' message from the SG300, it believes something is on that IP.

This problem does not occur if the search is on the same subnet, but only appears when it crosses over to another subnet and routing is involved.

My question is, how do I tell the SG300 to NOT respond with "Destination host unreachable" when an IP does not exist in another VLAN on the switch?

Thanks in advance!

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