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How to forward Bonjour and/or UPnP traffic to another VLAN?


Does someone happen to know how to forward or share Bonjour and/or UPnP traffic from one VLAN to another?

I have a SAN that uses a seperate storage VLAN. But I want to be able to take some advantage of the multimedia features and such. This works mainly through Bonjour and in some cases also with UPnP. I was already thinking about Multicast forwarding or such.

Any suggestions?

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Re: How to forward Bonjour and/or UPnP traffic to another VLAN?

Doing a search of this community found the following;

Bonjour is pretty tough to push beyond the vlan boundary. seems to be a gateway that can do it. But here is another article of interest you might find useful..

If you want automatic discovery of Bonjour devices outside of the local subnet, you'll need to setup DNS servers and clients to do DNS-SD or configure a Rendezvous Beacon to simulate the correct advertisements on a remote subnet. Or just manually configure whatever client you want to connect to the TimeCapsule (e.g. instruct Finder to Connect To Server afp://x.x.x.x).

Apple forums seems like a neat place top start.

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