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How to set up VLAN for DATA and VOIP on SRW248G4P switch?

Hi guys,

I am totally new and was given this task to complete. I  really really need help.

We are using one network

Shared  with data and voip.

CISCO C870, 5 switches LINKSYS SRW248G4P .

The  email wrote:-

On the Linksys switch;
- create two  different VLANs one for voice and one for data.
- put a firewall  between the two VLANs (between voice and data) and only enable certain  ports to flow to voice network (inbound tcp 8443 and ssh )

What  should i do guys? I really need a dumb guide now.

I know its simple for  you guys but i am not a smart IT fella. Whats the  step by step?


Re: How to set up VLAN for DATA and VOIP on SRW248G4P switch?

If the switch is new or you have support on this, then you might try calling the support center.  Here is a link:

On the right hand side you can find links to the support center.

Here is a link to the guide:

@ the bottom of this link you can find your switch model, you want the larger of the two.  In this guide it shows you how to create a second vlan.

Will your router be the firewall between the two?

Kindest regards,

Andrew Lissitz

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