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How to setup SG500 for test servers


I have 3 SG switches that are chained using fibre. I have them configured for L3 switching.

What I am trying to accomplish it that I have a live network with my clients and servers. One of the servers is going to be replaced with a server of the same name and IP address ( I need to be able to test the server along with a couple test clients, and be able to access the internet.

I have considered VLAN with inter-vlan routing, but the second VLAN requires a different subnet and if I put the machines inside that vlan with IP addresses not in the subnet, I cannot use the vlan address as the gateway, therefore cannot route outside of the vlan.

What are my options to be able to have a test environment with access to outside on the same subnet as the live network?


How to setup SG500 for test servers

Hi Eric, I'd say if your network router supports it, try to put in a LAN DMZ... or try to use a small IP space on the same subnet. If you're testing only like 5 IP address use a mask within the same subnet. Once you make the smaller IP space you could probably make a basic access list on your router to prevent the small subnet to access your larger subnet.

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