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How to use SG-300 for dividing Network speed between different workstations


This is hardeep, i am using SG-300 at my plave and need to know how to use this device for dividing bandwidth between hosts.


We'd need more information. 

We'd need more information. 

1.  Is this the only network device?

2.  Do you have WAN connections to other sites, Internet, or both?  What would the Internet speed be?

3.  What are the "slow" resources you need to speed up - a local server and printers, Internet, access to file services at remote sites?


Hi, at backend we are using cisco firewall 5512 which is acting as dhcp server too. speed of net is 30mbps dedicated link.

3.Basically we need to enhance the speed for few workstations seprately which are very important so if its possible that we can provide speed to those hosts like 40-60 speed with this swiych that would be wonderfull. 

Still waiting for the reply

Still waiting for the reply

You have a 30 Meg internet

You have a 30 Meg internet link - do you have any way of verifying whether that is regularly at capacity or not?  Is it accessing resources on that link that is the issue?

At an "off" time to the business (i.e. few in the office), try running a speedtest ( to see what kind of bandwidth you actually get and will be sharing with all users.

The other thing you might verify - is that the speed/duplex settings of the 5512 match that of the connecting equipment (port on the SG, and port on the Internet router); as this can cause issues (i.e. if the firewall is set to 100 full and the switch defaults to auto on that port, you will have a mismatch, and probably effective throughput is less than 10 Meg...)

Hi,I have cisco asa 5512

I have cisco asa 5512 firewall and after that cisco sg300 switch but i need to divide network 30mbps speed into 2-3 parts like 10 to one port and 10 mbps to others but kindly tell me the right wayout.

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