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IL3 Compliant?

I have been asked to source small office switches which are IL3 compliant. Does anyone know if the 500 is IL3 compliant, or if any other Cisco Switch offenings are?


Hi jrcisco, this IL system

Hi jrcisco, this IL system appears to be a subjective system where you higher an analyst to perform the assessment. The IL levels are based off different sectors of business. Therefore this question cannot be answered.

For argument sake, I will assume you are representing "Personal/Citizen" on the BIL scale. IL3 would be described as 3 categories, utilisation of public service, embarrasment or distress and personal finance.


Each field has a severity. To match your inquiry, IL3 Utilisation of public service would be considered threat such as significant disruption to servic delivery for a number of individuals such as nationwide.


Embarrassment or distress is classified as prolonged distress for an individual citizen, short time distress or significant embarrassment for many citizens with example permanent loss of progressional standing.


Personal finance for IL3 would be a significant loss of income for an individual that it would cause financial hardship.


With this discreption from the organization's documentation, I do not believe anyone can answer this question as it is subjective and uncontrollable personal circumstance for each individual or entity.

-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts
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