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Initiala setup SG 102-24 unmanaged switch "fail"

Started the setup wizard and "connected to switch

I got two windows that popped up


Check security Settings to make sure cyrrent Java Virtual Machine is not prevented from running comands


Failed to get Default gateway

I followed directions, I am not on another network switch was plugged in no other connections plugged in cable from my computer and ran wizard..

Needless to say I am New andalso not to happy

Whay am I doing wrong...update Java made sure no other networks connected.

Any help will get everybody else here back to work

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Re: Initiala setup SG 102-24 unmanaged switch "fail"

Hi keith,

The SG102-24  ( or orderable p/n SR2024CT)  is a 24 port UNMANAGED switch with two shared combo SFP ports.

You just  follow the quick install guide or turn on the switch and it works.

I need more information in your question to understand where your problem is, what are you doing with a setup wizard?

With greatest respect,  personally didn't think a unmanaged switch could be managed, so I'm learning something new. What does the documentation that comes with the switch say the setup wizard will do? ( I really apologize for that dumb question, I did so some due diligence within software downloads and  could find no software available for the SG102-24)

I have attached the Quick Start Guide for other folks reference, as the unit itself would come with a quick start guide.

regards dave

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Re: Initiala setup SG 102-24 unmanaged switch "fail"

Thanksd for your reply

I may have jumped in too quickly. Or to deeply in an over thinkingly kind of way

I was thinking "unmanaged" once set up should just run

We have 16 internet connections and two two person "sharing" one line internet connection Not your overwhelming network

I do have a request from two users to connect to a printer to share...add something from Canon about Static IP for printer and when I connected all cables some refused to "connect".

I installed Network assistant

So I isolated my computer and connected directly to switch to run set up wizard thinking that is what I had to do when I got two errors one about JVM being prevented from running commands and No Default gateway found.

Hence my question

so maybe on Monday I'll start over

Now that you mention it Unmanaged should mean hands off so I'll try again

My mistake overreaching the reality of a simple plug and play I'll let you know what happens

Thanks again

Keith G

PS i got "elected to do this I am enjoying the challenge so far

Have a nice weekend I'm taking Friday and making 4 day weekend

see ya

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