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Linksys SLM248G4S and VLANs (inter-vlan routing)

I'm trying to set up small network with 4 VLANs using SLM248G4S switch. I can set up vlans, i can add ports to vlan, but apparently there is something missing.

There is no option to do inter-vlan routing. I can do it with Cisco switch. But there is no option to set port as a trunk port.

I found document No  108882: Cisco Small Business Managed Switches - Setting-Up VLAN, but there is no option to enable RIP routing.

How i can do inter-vlan routing on SLM248G4S??


Re: Linksys SLM248G4S and VLANs (inter-vlan routing)

Hi harold,

The SLM switch is a layer 2 VLAN-able switch and NOT a Layer 3 VLANable switch.

You cannot route IP between Layer 2 managed switches unless you have;

1. a VLAN aware router to route IP traffic between the different VLANs

2. a Newer 300 series switch  (SRW248G4-k9 series) , because the switch allows you turn the switch into Layer 3 mode and route between VLANs.

So you cannot do intervlan routing natively on a SLM switch only it's bigger brothers SRWxxx-K9  or the SFE/SGE series.

Sorry, i'm sure this wasn't the information you wanted to hear.

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Re: Linksys SLM248G4S and VLANs (inter-vlan routing)

First thing - to do inter-vlan routing you need at least one port in trunking mode. There is no such option.

Ok, let's do it Cisco way. Here is product page:

Let's double check - Cisco/Linksys SLM248G4S. Match!

If you scroll down, you will see "Product literature".

I'm not high profile guru working at Cisco, I'm just humble IT engineer, so if Cisco tells me it's product literature, i assume it's proper product literature.

Last link at the bottom is "Setting-Up VLAN"


Let's click on it. What we can see?

What a surprise!!!! That's Document ID: 108882. Same as i mentioned before.

What we can see?

"Make sure that RIP is ENABLED for each subnet in order to gain internet access from the router."

Cisco says it's layer 2 AND 3 switch. If Cisco says so, i can expect it's right.

But.. there is no such option.

Now i have two options: one is another possible way to set up inter-vlan routing and other is return router as faulty, because missing functions required to proper configuration.

Re: Linksys SLM248G4S and VLANs (inter-vlan routing)

Hi Harold,

I checked your references and you are correct in everything you have stated. You don't have to be a Cisco guru to figure that the example on how to setup a VLAN illustrates how to setup IP interfaces on three separate VLANs.

I cannot imagine why that example was put there,  that GUI is not even the GUI for the SLM248G4S.

I can only offer my apologies as that example, is for a different machine, and therefore inappropriate.

I have already contacted the Switch product manager, and that End Of Life Page on the SLM248G4S  will be altered or removed.  We stopped selling the SLM248G4S on May 12 2010 to our Distribution partners according to the following EOL notice URL;

If layer 3 routing between VLANs  at 10/100Mb/sec  is your primary need, a low cost Business switch at 10/100 would be something like the SRW248G4-K9

If Stacking and Layer 3 routing at 10/100Mb/sec  is your primary need then please look at the SFE2010.

The SLM248G4  is  not a Layer 3 router/switch, but can switch only at Layer 2.  The only IP address on that switch is for management purposes.

Again, my apologies for this hassle you are going through with the return of your product and time wasted.


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Re: Linksys SLM248G4S and VLANs (inter-vlan routing)

Well... regardless the information about layer 3 routing is true or not there is still primary problem - even layer 2 switch need option to set up at least one port to trunking mode in order to use any vlan capability.

In this case technical data is just misleading customers - any VLAN functionality is just unusable without it.

SLM248G4S is being (well.. was) advertised as VLAN-capable switch and - at least in my case - was the main reason why it was choosen.

Re: Linksys SLM248G4S and VLANs (inter-vlan routing)

Hi Harold,

I don't have one, i have it's bigger brother the SRW switch in my lab  and not the SLM switch, so i can't validate what you are asking.

I would like to think you can add multiple tagged VLANs to a switch port for uplink purposes, but i am going to defer to someone else on the community.

So let's see if someone can answer that specific question.

Or if your machine is under phone warranty support, why not call into the  Small Business Support center and hopefully they will check it for you.


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