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LinkSys SRW2008, LLDP configuration

Hi all,
I have a problem to get lldp to work.

My setup is as follows:

Router (with lldp support) <----> Linksys SRW2008 <----> Workstation (with lldp support)

Querying lldp neighbors from my router show up only its own interfaces:

vyatta@vyt-node01:~$ show lldp neighbors
Capability Codes: R - Router, B - Bridge, W - Wlan r - Repeater, S - Station
D - Docsis, T - Telephone, O - Other

Device ID                 Local  Proto  Cap   Platform             Port ID
---------                 -----  -----  ---   --------             -------
vyt-node01                eth2   LLDP   R     Vyatta Router        eth0
vyt-node01                eth0   LLDP   R     Vyatta Router        eth2

Querying lldp from SRW2008 do no show up anything:

cal-swge01-linksys# show lldp neighbors

Port       Device ID          Port ID          System Name     Capabilities
------- ----------------- ----------------- ------------------- ------------

From the workstation nothing shows up.
I replaced the SRW2008 with a Surecom unmaned switch as follows:

Router (with lldp support) <----> Surecom switch <----> Workstation (with lldp support)

and from the router I see lldp informations from my workstation.
The question is, why the srw2008 block lldp traffic ? what do I hav to change on order to get lldp to work ?

Thnaks in advance

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New Member

Re: LinkSys SRW2008, LLDP configuration


it is not possible to enable lldp on linksys switches from the cli or webif.

But you can enable it using snmp. Here is a description (on a russian website).

You must login to the cli and the configure snmp:

asw1# conf
asw1(config)# snmp-server community secret1 rw

Then you can enable lldp from an different computer:

snmpset -v2c -c secret1 i 1
CISCOSB-LLDP-MIB::rlLldpEnabled.0 = INTEGER: true(1)

After enabeling this you shoud be able to see the lldp neighbours:

asw1# show lldp neighbors

Port       Device ID          Port ID          System Name     Capabilities
------- ----------------- ----------------- ------------------- ------------
   6     01 c0 a8 0a b9    E80462EA4601:P1     B, T
   7     01 c0 a8 0a b5    000F23FCA5CC:P1     B, T

Regards, Artem

Re: LinkSys SRW2008, LLDP configuration


Thankyou for trying to help Roberto.

I had zero idea that the older SRW2008 (old switch model ), which has been replaced by the new SRW2008-K9-EU (300 series), could do LLDP MED.

I have no idea how you can put a older SRW2008 into CLI mode, to be able to enter the commands, as shown in the Russian website you referenced  and in your example above..

The newer SRW2008-K9  (300 series) can natively via the GUI  perform LLDP MED , but had no idea that the older product had that capability via a hidden  and probably unsupported CLI interface.

Sounds a lot easier to move forward with a refreshed version of the SRW2008, the SRW2008-K9-EU

See the USA models and ordering part numbers at least at the following USA website, but also check locally in the Cisco Europe Website for refreshed (newer 300 series ) versions of the SRW series.

Thanks for your help for Roberto, a most interesting posting , if it works.

But  anyway have a great holiday season and again thanks for your involvement in this website.

regards Dave

New Member

Re: LinkSys SRW2008, LLDP configuration

Hello David,

to enter the cli you must login to the switch using console, telnet or ssh.

When you see the "Configuration GUI" you must press Ctrl + Z.

Then you will get a prompt:


You can enter ? to see the options:

Unknown parameter
May be one from the following list:

debug     exit      help      lcli      logout    mcli      menu


then you can enter lcli and you must enter your credentials again.


User Name:

User Name:admin


And now you get an IOS like prompt.

  clear                Reset functions
  clock                Manage the system clock
  configure            Enter configuration mode
  copy                 Copy from one file to another
  crypto               Cryptographic commands
  debug-mode           Exit from the EXEC to debug mode
  delete               Delete a file from the flash file system
  disable              Disable privileged commands
  dot1x                802.1x EXEC commands
  exit                 Exit from the EXEC
  help                 Description of the interactive help system
  login                Exit from the EXEC and Log in
  no                   Negate command
  ping                 Send echo messages
  reload               Halt and perform a cold restart
  resume               Resume telnet session.
  set                  Set System Parameters
  show                 Show running system information
  telnet               Open telnet session.
  terminal             Set current session functions
  test                 diagnose
  traceroute           Discover the routes to destination

asw1# conf
  aaa                  Authentication, Authorization and Accounting is used
                       to manage user access to the system
  arp                  Set a static ARP entry
  bridge               Global Bridge table configuration commands
  class-map            This command create class map and enter class map
                       configuration mode.
                       Use no form in order to delete the class.
  clock                Manage the system clock
  crypto               Global cryptographic features configuration subcommands
  do                   execute an EXEC-level command
  dot1x                Global Configuration Commands for 802.1x
  enable               Modify enable password parameters.
  end                  Exit from configure mode
  exit                 Exit from configure mode
  file-system          File system configuration command
  gvrp                 Global GVRP configuration commands
  help                 Description of the interactive help system
  hostname             Set system's network name
  interface            Select an interface to configure
  ip                   IP configuration
  lacp                 Global IEEE 802.3 link aggregation commands
  line                 To identify a specific line for configuration
  lldp                 Configure LLDP protocol
  logging              Configure message logging facilities.
  mac                  MAC access lists commands
  management           IP management
  no                   Negate command
  policy-map           This command create policy map and enter policy map
                       configuration mode. Use no form to delete the policy
  port                 switch ports configuration
  power                Configure the administrative mode of the inline power.
  priority-queue       Set priority queue parameters
  qos                  Enable/Disable QoS on the device and enter the QoS
                       mode (advance/basic/service).
  radius-server        Modify RADIUS parameters
  rmon                 Remote Monitoring (RMON) configuration subcommand
  service              Service commands.
  snmp-server          SNMP and system commands.
  sntp                 Global Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)
                       configuration subcommands
  spanning-tree        Configure Spanning Tree Subsystem
  tacacs-server        TACACS server command
  username             Establish User Name Authentication.
  vlan                 Vlan commands
  wrr-queue            Configure queue drop mechanism on egress port.

Re: LinkSys SRW2008, LLDP configuration

Hi Roberto, Artem, David!

This is unsupported features for old SRW-2008 platform.

LLDP with LLDP-MED and CLI will be available soon(Q1Y11) for new 300 series switches(SRW-2008-K9 for this case).

Regards, Alexey Alexandrov

Cisco Systems Russia


New Member

Re: LinkSys SRW2008, LLDP configuration

Hi AleAlexa,

thank you for your reply, I supposed it was not supported since I have found nothing about enabling LLDP support on this switch in this months

Thank you to Artem and David I learned something more about snmpwalk