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Linksys Switch Help

I was given a linksys SRW224G4 switch .. It seems to work fine on some ports and others dont ..

I am tring to log into it to see what the current config is .. but no luck ..

I cant seem to find what ip address its pulling to be able to log into the web interface ..

I have tried the blue cable , and using hypertermail but with no luck .. I dont have com 1 or 2 as an option on my latop just com 3 ..

So looking for advice on how I can log into this switch and rest it back to factory specs so then I can go though and setup how i want ..

I have also tried netstat and arp -a too with no luck either ..

Help please ..

thanks ..

New Member

Linksys Switch Help

Anyone ???


Linksys Switch Help

Hi Josh,

Here is a link that might help. Unfortunately this is the only way I know to access the switch when you do not know the IP or password.

Hope this helps.

New Member

Linksys Switch Help

Thanks for the link Robert,

only trouble I see is i am running windows 7 on my laptop and I dont have a com port .. and the blue console cable that I do have looks like it plugs into the nic port ..

So confused ..


Linksys Switch Help

I understand your confusion with the console cable. The cable you would want is a serial to serial cable. At home I use a USB to serial converter which helps since not many computers come with a COM port anymore.

As for the software side, I recommend using Putty which will allow you to connect the same a hyper-terminal.

I hope this clears up your confusion.

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