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MAC/port address list - SLM2008 switch

Hi i'm a relative novice when it comes to network protocols and switches.

I am interested in the SLM2008 8 port switch (I have yet to purchase the product) and the feature that allows a user to set up a list of MAC addresses associated with specific ports, so that only the computers/devices with those MAC addresses can access the port.

This is what I want to do, so maybe someone can say if it will work?

I want to connect a wireless access point to one of the SLM2008 ports and set up a list so that only specific laptops can access the network via that wireless access point.
If I were to set up the SLM2008 list with the laptop MAC addresses and the port, will this work OK?

Or will the SLM2008 just see the Wireless Access Point MAC address and let everything through that is wireless and tries to connect??

Apologies if this is basic and obvious to some!

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Re: MAC/port address list - SLM2008 switch

Hi Paul,

I think it would be best to configure this on the Access Point.  If you purchase one of our WAP4410N's there is a Wireless Connection Control list.  You can configure allowed MAC addresses there..



David L. Barrett, Jr.
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