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Multiple Vlan's on one single port on a ISA570W and SG300-28

I have one WAN connection to the ISP. I would like to separate guest (wireless) internet of the company network, for this is there already a  Vlan 2 set on the ISA570W. this Vlan Is routed to the internal access point and i routed to ethernet port for 10  for an external access point. I would like to assign Vlan 1 + 2 to one port and up link it to on poort on the  SG300-28 to also be able to make a separation between the office network and guest network on hardwired network connections on the SG300-28. Is this possible and how do I set it up ( i like to use port 2 on the ISA570W as a uplink to port 28 on the SG300-28.

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Hi Vincent,

Hi Vincent,

if I got you right, you have a router, which has two vlans (one normal/productive and one guest).
When you now want a connection between the router and the SG300 switch, you have two possibilities: 

1. You take two uplink ports, one for the vlan 1 and one for the vlan 2. It has to be an "access port" on both sides (router and switch):
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan X

2. The better way is to take one uplink and create a trunk (also on both sides), which is able to transfer both vlans:
switchport mode trunk
maybe also on router site: switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

After that also both vlans are connected to the switch and you can use them also for the other switchports.

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I port trunk avalible at the

I port trunk avalible at the ISA570W? I did not find it in any menu of This router.

at THE switch is iT avalible.

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