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Need guidance with SF302-08 config..

How do I make the following work with Cisco 302-08G ??

I would like to sniff (using wireshark) all traffic in my office. I have a 4-port Cisco wireless/wired router
that allows for a guest account. I also have Cisco SF302-08 that I bought so I could use its port/vlan
mirroring capability. How should I configure the network, given the aforementioned equipment,  so that
I can get a single point sniff.

Assume I have two wireless clients, one using the "regular" wireless SSID, and the other using the
"guest" SSID.  I can see 192.168.1.x (regular SSID) and 192.168.169.x (guest ssid)  on the internet
side (one the same physical cat5 of the wireless router. So far so good. But, I would like to use 302-08 to actually allow the
guest SSID/network comm cable)unicate with the regular SSID/network. For example, if I ping 192.168.169.x from
192.168.1.x, I would like to see a response. Can I make them communicate properly with the 302-08 ?? if
so, what do I need to do ?? (I will also have wired clients tied into the its important that
it be the central sniffer point).


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Re: Need guidance with SF302-08 config..

can I resolve this at L2 somehow...Can I config the 302-08 to turn the ping packet back around on the same

physical interface ?? I realize this may deviate from the way old bridges use to work, but it would seem to be an

easy workaround for my scenario. Or must this be handled at L3 using routing between vlans somehow ??



I am using WAPs to convert the wireless traffic to wired traffic. All traffic will be on CAT5 cable and attached to the

SF302-08. Having said this...can the switch be config'd, perhaps with a mac acl, to do what I need it to do ??


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Need guidance with SF302-08 config..


with the devices you have available to you, you will not be able to set this up. The problem is that the SF302 does not have a way to capture the wireless traffic. Furthermore our routers and switches do not have the capability to mirror wireless traffic to an interface. Hope this helps.


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