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network design with sg500 and sg300

Please see attached. Is what I’m trying to do possible with SG500x (as the core) and sg500/300 (access/slave switches)? If so, can I use 4 sfp ports from the sg500x to connect the four access switches and 2 gigabit Ethernet ports to connect the other two access switches?

Sg500 manual also illustrates the ring stack topology – which would you recommend? 

Cisco Employee

Hi Only4homecam,Ring topology

Hi Only4homecam,

Ring topology it is recommended for stacking which you could do between 2 SG500X (even with new firmware 1.4 you could try stacking interfaces LAG).

Bear in mind that SG500X has some combo ports which means you have only 4 SFP slots available and if you use 2 of them for stack you will have only 2 for network connectivity.

So if SG500X are stack and seen as one unit you could quite easily go for LAG from access switches which would give you performance but also redundancy.

I hope it makes sense



New Member

Hi Adargiel,Thank you so much

Hi Adargiel,

Thank you so much for replying. I think I get it now:

-Stack two sg500x (use 2 SFP, use ring topology)
-connect access switches (sg300s and sg500s) to the sg500x stack using gigabit Ethernet ports

I can also create a stack on the access switches correct (please see attached)?

Also am i daisy chaining the core and access switches ?


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