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New Firmware Now Available for Cisco 200 and 300 Series Switches: Offers New Management, Security, and Voice Features

Firmware Version 1.1 Available for Download

SwitchNow available for the Cisco Small Business 200 and 300 Series Switches is Firmware Version 1.1. This release offers several key capabilities that optimize the integration of these switches into real-time voice and video applications, including:

  • Automatic voice VLAN creation and propagation to multiple switches in the network
  • Synchronization of voice VLAN and QoS parameters with IP phones and Cisco voice platforms such as UC3xx/UC5xx
  • Automatic configuration of switch ports based on dynamically discovered devices including access points, IP phones, switches, unified communications platforms, and more
  • Automatic setting of appropriate security levels for discovered devices using Auto Smartports
  • Uses a combination of CDP, LLDP-MED, Auto Smartports, and intelligent software from Cisco to accomplish all of this with no user intervention
  • Combines with the PoE functionality already available across multiple switch models to help make voice and video deployments as flexible and cost-effective as possible

In addition, this release offers many new features to simplify management and improve security, including:

  • Cisco Discover Protocol: Automatically detects all the devices connected in the network and instructs the devices to use appropriate voice VLAN or QoS parameters.
  • Cisco Auto Smartports: Based on pretested configuration, Smartports automatically configures ports with specific levels of security, QoS, and availability according to the type of connected device.
  • Cisco Textview: Text-based configuration for those who prefer command-line interface (CLI) management. The CLI is full featured (the entire device can be configured solely through the CLI if so desired), and comes with multiple user privilege levels that deliver differing access depending on the user’s authorization level. A menu-based CLI is also present in this release. These configuration mechanisms complement the Web-based GUI, SNMP/RMON, and FindIT management tools that are already present.
  • Improved Security: New features include Bridge Protocol Data Unit (BPDU) Guard and broadcast/multicast/unknown unicast storm control that protects the network from invalid configurations or malicious intent. Secure Core Technology (SCT) helps ensure that the switch will receive and process management and protocol traffic no matter how much traffic is received.
  • Q-in-Q: Allows VLANs to transparently cross a service provider network while isolating traffic among customers.

Visit the Software Download Center to download the Firmware Version 1.1 today.

Note: not all features are available on the 200 Series models. Please consult the Release Notes for feature availability information.

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