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No joy with new SG200-08

I have had no luck with a new SG200-08 switch, firmware  It never acquires an IP address from the upstream server (System LED flashes continuously and forever) yet plugging the same cable into a PC or laptop results in an immediate and successful DHCP transaction.  I do not believe the DHCP server is set to deny address requests for any reason.  Documentation does not answer whether or not the SG200 can pass packets with the System LED flashing.  Setting a static IP address on the SG200 (on the desired subnet) ends the LED flashing, but PC's attached to the switch are then unsuccessful in their own DHCP's.  I have done no configuration on the SG200 other than make sure factory defaults are set (long reset with paper clip) and changing the UI password, so I assume that all ports are functional in VLAN 1.  Lastly, if I swap out the SG200 and put in a generic 'dumb' gigabit switch, I have no upstream issues and all attached equipment is able to DHCP and function normally.  I haven't engaged Wireshark yet or looked in the system logs.  Advice appreciated.


Hi Glow, please downgrade

Hi Glow, please downgrade software revision to the or then factory default reset the switch. Then try again.  If this recovers correctly, try to re-upgrade to the, factory default the switch and try again.

See if this makes a change for you.

-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts
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