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Only Mirroring Ping (ICMP) (SG200-8)

Cannot get the SG200-8 to mirror any traffic other than ping (icmp).

Factory default settings, with port 7 src to port 1 dst on session 1.

Pings mirror just fine.  But other traffic. such as web and ssh, is not being mirrored.

FW version

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Only Mirroring Ping (ICMP) (SG200-8)

Appears the Windows 7 LAN connection is going into the "Unidentified Network" "No Internet Access" mode when connected to the monitoring port on the switch, and preventing anything but ping and broadcasts from being seen and captured.

How can I work around this?



Only Mirroring Ping (ICMP) (SG200-8)

When connecting to a mirrored port (monitored) you want to assign you pc a static ip address and then start capturing. Make sure you're not using beta wireshark release and you should see all traffic. If you still having issue's after this; call into Support Center @ 1-866-606-1866 and open a case and present your finding. well go from there.


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Only Mirroring Ping (ICMP) (SG200-8)

May have another way better for my purpose.  If works.

Windows 7 Dual NIC Configuration for Switch Port Mirror Capturing

  1. Disconnect network cable from LAN adapter.  Don't want to create a loop.
  2. Bridge both LAN and WLAN adapters.  This installs/creates a new 'Network Bridge' adapter.
  3. Remove both LAN and WLAN adapters from the 'Network Bridge' adapter.
  4. Unselect all Clients, Services, and Protocols form both LAN and 'Network Bridge' adapter’s properties.
  5. Disable 'Network Bridge' adapter, but leave it installed.

Above was developed with Windows 7 Enterprise Edition on Notebook with WiFi and LAN Adapters Installed.

Other Versions May Vary

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