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Packets with Errors - SG200-50p


I have a few 10/100 devices connected to our SG200 and all of them are working fine except the Xbox 360's. They are primarily used for video streaming and the audio stutters and video becomes pixelated at times. Also a "network issue" pop-up comes up every so often. When I use another switch it works fine. The SG200 web interface shows a ton of errors on the ports that have the Xbox 360's connected to them. I'm not sure what kind of errors these are as the "etherlike" stats show all zeros. I've tried hard coding the ports to 100m but that makes things much worse and the errors increment faster. Are there any other settings I can try in the SG200?

Thank you.

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Same exact issue here.  I've

Same exact issue here.  I've got an SG220-26p.  Xbox media center extender is exactly like yours, but when i plug the same exact thing into a cheap 5 port desktop switch, no issues whatsoever!  Very frustrating that a cheap $20 gigabit switch works just fine, but not the SG220.  Did you ever get this figured out?

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Hi, I am glad you found my

Hi, I am glad you found my post because I thought this was just me. I even went as far as opening a support case to cisco and they didn't have any ideas. I kinda gave up when they wanted to remote in and check things out because it really seems to be a bug of some sort that a firmware update would fix.


However, now that I know I am not the only one I might re-open the case. My switch was fairly new at the time, hopefully I still have free support with it. If I find out anything I will definitely post back here.

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Awesome!  Thanks for the

Awesome!  Thanks for the update, I have tried multiple things.  Disabled everything on my switch (LLDP, CDP, IGMP Snooping, etc...).  Nothing works.  I thought it may be another switch in the network causing issues, but nope.  Let me know what you hear!  Or if you need me to try anything else.

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