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problems with sf300-24P

hi everyone,

i have 2 switch model SF300-24P and one SG300-24P.

I have configured them in the same way because i use them for poe meru AP.

My problem is that one of the sf300-24P act in a strange manner: when i reboot it, it's not possible to access the http page. it is also impossible to access via serial (configuration: boud 115200, data bita 8, stop bit 1, no parity, no flow control).

as suggested in some post i read, i can sware i have saved the config.

Today the switch crashed for the N time, i decidet to update the firmware: my versione was and the last one is

Of course, as suggested in admin manual, i've updated the boot to the last versione before updating the firmware.

via tftp i've uploaded the boot file and the reloaded the switch. result: lost connectivity to the switch.

Tryed reboot a couple of time without success, i decided to reset it.

also resetting the switch is somewhat throublesome, i've done it 4 time before it restored the factory default (as syggested in other post, i'm sure i pressed the button for more than 30 sec.).

"ok, the firware is still not updated i can trust it resolve my problem go on". That said, make connection via http to default ip and start the FW update. everithing was ok.

Restarted the switch, i've uploaded a saved config. than while reloading it i was updating my ip to connect to the new address but no luck. the switch was unaccessible.


so reset then manual reconfiguration and no reboot. Now it's working but i dunno what to do to solve my problems. if it crash on any ambiental power loss it would be really thrublesome.

any hint would be really appreciated.


thanks in advance!!






Hi Paolo, best anyone could

Hi Paolo, best anyone could tell you is to manually reconfigure the switch, save the config and make a back up config for the current software version you're using. When Cisco makes file system changes within the firmwares, often enough older backup files just don't work as you'd like them to.

-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts
New Member

Hi Tom, sorry for the late

Hi Tom, sorry for the late reply and thanks fo the answer!

I really supposed that the old version backup would work on the new firmware (i really didn't expect this - never happend when working with catalyst series). I made a backup of the configuration after reconfiguring the switch. I'll try to reset and upload the configuration on the first maintence period possible (or at the first crash, if it will happend again).

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