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Problems with Spanning Tree and multiple VLANS - SGE2000P


I have an issue with a SGE2000P that I hope someone can help me with.

I have setup two VLANs (2 and 31) on my SGE2000P and I have one port configured as an uplink to the core switch (Cisco 4507) on each VLAN.

The 4507 switch is running PVST.

The spanning tree settings on the SGE2000P are left to their default, the 4507 switch has a manually set priority of 24576 for VLAN31.

When I do a Show Spanning tree for VLAN31 on the 4507 I have the port looking at the SGE2000P coming up as a root port and the root ID is the ID of another switch (a 3750 sitting on another site and acting as root for other VLANs including VLAN1).

Has anyone got any ideas about what is going on? I am not very used to the SGE2000P serie and I wonder if it supports PVST.

any help would be appreciated,

thank you,


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Re: Problems with Spanning Tree and multiple VLANS - SGE2000P

Hi Roberto,

SGE2000P supports a more open standard RSTP or MSTP  standard compared to PVST which was a proprietary Cisco protocol.

There is a good discussion on the topic at the following URL;

regards Dave

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