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Remove access switch from stack

Hi all,

I have a stack of 9 access switches connecting to distribution switch but now I need to take one out of the stack and connect it directly to distribution switch. Should I be aware of any config change in that access switch beside just unplug the stack cable ?

Thank you.

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Technically - you can remove

Technically - you can remove the access switch without making any configuration changes to your stack.  Assuming its not the stack master and that you re-connect the stacking cables.

However, the configuration of the interfaces that was that switch will remain in your configuration.  This will be cosmetic, but having left-over configuration in your stack is something you would probably want to avoid.

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Hi El,Thank you for your help

Hi El,

Thank you for your help. I'm going to remove switches from stack one by one starting with the bottom first (9 switches in this stack with #1 is Master). So #9 switch will be removed first and have no wrap around cable back to Master. Please advise.

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You will need to complete the

You will need to complete the 'stack ring' back to the top switch.  At the end of the day all of your stacking ports should be connected to something.  The last switch (now #8) should connect back to #1 to complete the full ring.

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