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Set up cisco SGE2010 combined with Dell 6248 switch

Hi, I have currently a Dell powerconnect 6248 switch combined with a netgear UTM router. I have a basic understanding on how things should work but I don't have the knowledge to apply it as I'm new to setting up vlan and the person before me did the basic configuration like this:

defined 5 VLAN in the netgear router

defined the same 5 VLAN in the dell 6248

connected the dell switch to the netgear router via a trunk port.

Right now all the inter vlan traffic pass thru the netgear router as the dell switch as a trunk port connected to the netgear box who then give dhcp and set himself as the default inter vlan route. I would like to stop that since I would like the cisco switch to handle all the vlan routing for both switch and those switch to send their dhcp request to my win2k8 server.

I did set the sge2010 in layer 3 mode from the small business telnet interface. I then setup the same 5 vlan in the cisco switch.

If I understand this well I need to define an IP address for each vlan interface on the cisco switch for it to be able to route things, I have set them all as x.x.x.3 (x.x1.3 vlan 1, x.x.2.3 vlan2, etc) Then I need both swtich to forward all dhcp request to my dhcp box wich is in vlan 2. My DHCP server will have 5 range of IP address to hand out. my server are connected directly to the dell switch on vlan 2. I have set up a port in the dell switch in trunk mode and did the same thing in the cisco switch and connected them togheter to send all vlan packet. The current setup doesn't work so I need some help to finalize that setup so that everything works.

If you need detail that I might have forgot to mention I wll gladly provide them.

Thanks !

New Member

Set up cisco SGE2010 combined with Dell 6248 switch

For future reference, I finally succeeded in setting up everything the way I wanted it to be. I enabled layer 3 routing on the sge2010 switch, defined IP for each vlan interface, defined DHCP scope with vlan interface ip as the gateway. Added the ip-helper ip of the dhcp server on the sge2010, I defined 1 of the port on the cisco to trunk mode and added all vlan to it. I then defined all the same vlan on the Dell swith, added the ip helper address of the dhcp server for each vlan on the dell switch, defined a port on the dell swith in trunk mode and added all the vlan to it, connected both swith with an ethernet cable via the trunk port on each side and voilà all is working good. I finally had to define a static route in the cisco switch of mask with the ip of my internet firewall to gain internet access on both switch.

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