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SF 300-24 inter VLAN routing

I have a CISCO SF 300-24, layer 2 switch. I have configured first 10 ports as VLAN 10, second 10 as VLAN 20 and rest as VLAN 30. There are three PCs on VLAN 10 and three on VLAN 20. I want one PC on VLAN 10 (IP: mask: to be able to communicate with one on VLAN 20, so I added the IP of the PC on VLAN 20 to access list with following settings:


ACL name: ACL1

priority: 1

action: permit

protocol: Any (IP)

source address: User defined

source IP address value:

source wild card mask:

Destination IP address: Any

Type of service: Any


Then I bound this ACL to the interface of the PC on VLAN 10 with following settings:


permit any: Enable


But still I cannot ping one PC from another. What else do I need to do to make them both communicate with each other..?!


Hi Amna, the VLANS will not

Hi Amna, the VLANS will not communicate with each other on the switch in layer 2 mode. This will require layer 3 mode on the switch OR whatever connects to the switch to route the VLANS for you.

-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts
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