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sf300-24p sbs switches

we have several sf-300 series switches, 24 port, 10 and 8 ports with poe.  somehow with no rhyme or reason, the vlan setup on the switches is dropped or removed from the configuration whenever an ip phone is disconnected and the only one left is the default vlan.  we usually have to go back and re-add the other vlans especially for our ip phones.  Please advise.  We already upgraded the firmware of the switches, disables the energy green option from the port management except port led which is still enabled, but when i navigate to the port settings, the only energy detect setting disables id the operational side, do i need to change the administrative side as well as disabled?  Please advise.  We keep on fighting with these switches whenever we have power outages and/or we needed to reset the ip phones....


sf300-24p sbs switches


Are you copying the Running Configuration to the Startup Configuration after making changes? If not the settings will not survive a reboot. You should see a red X next to the word "Save" at the top of the screen after you change something.

If you are doing that and the settings are still reverting it could indicate a more serious issue. In that case I recommed that you call support.

- Marty

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