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I have sf300, i didn't found the option to telnet it.

default IP of the switch is, i can access it by HTTP.

also i'm not able to attach IP phone on voice vlan & computer on vlan 1

please share the step by step guide how to access the switch by telnet.

& how to make voice vlan 2 for IP Phones & Vlan 1 for PC.


Muhammad Kashif Ashraf

New Member


well to answer your first question:

as soon as you open your browser go to >Security  >Tcp/Udp services and enable the telnet service and press apply.

that shall work.

To create vlan you go in vlan management and create the vlan.

you can also add the ip adress on vlan interface by going in to interface configuration menu then ipv4 interface. click on add and choose vlan 2 and add your address.

to configure voice vlan: go in vlan management menu and expand voice vlan to enter the properties tab.insert vlan 2 as the voice vlan and enable IMMEDIATE


Hi Muhammad Kashif Ashraf,

I must add to Nasseerudin post, with the following information.

1.  There are lots of examples of how to create vlans in the small business support community, just search for it in the small business community.

I have even recorded a session on creating vlans on a RV220W routers and SG300 switch, here is one example in english.

2.  Also please make sure you take advantage of newer firmware for your product by making sure you are using the most current software available for your product. Read the admin guide on how to update firmware.

  • first URL below is link to switch firmware. 
  • The second URL is a reference to the 300 series Administrators Guide. see page 33 for upgrade process.

regards Dave

New Member


HI Muhammad Kashif Ashraf,

       Please follow the below link will guide you how to configure the switc in GUI mode or otherwise you can download the CLI mode Configuration  by selecting the CLI Configuration.So please follow the below Online Device Emulator links.

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