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SF300 Daisy Chain VLAN Question

OK, this is a complicated setup, and myself and my fellow IT staff have been beating our heads on a wall trying to get this to work, at this point we do not even know if we have this configured right, so any input on this would be most appreciated.

We are in the process of adding some new buildings to our network via some AirMax wireless bridges.  On the either end of the bridges will be a series of SF300 switches.

For clarification, here is how our setup will go equipment wise....

Cisco 3550 Switch -> SF300-08 Switch -> Airmax Bridge ---------- AirMax Bridge -> SF300-08 -> SF300-24

The 3550 is "inside" our corporate network, from the first SF300-08 to the 2nd SF300-08 will be "outside" our network, and the final SF300-24 will be consiered "inside" our network.

For all intents and purposes, we are trying to build this out correctly without the AirMax bridges in place at the start since they are just a bridge and should function as a cable once in place.  Since the segment from one SF300-08 to the other will be considered external equipment, we need to have the feed from the 3550 to the SF300-24 as an isolated VLAN through this chain to be able to give the remote office network access.  We want the SF300-24 to think that it is basically trunked directly into the 3550 once all is said with all our internal VLANS available at the opposite end.

Right now, based on documentation and things we have read in various forums, we have it currently setup as follows :

                   IN                                                                         OUT

1)                                                                                  3550 dot1q Trunk

2)  SF300-08 Customer QinQ Trunk (vlan 3000)                  SF300-08 Trunk (vlan 3000)

3)  SF300-08 Trunk  (vlan 3000)                                      SF300-08 Customer QinQ Trunk (vlan 3000)

4)  SF300-24 Trunk

So, we are trunking the 3550 into the SF300 chain, passing the internal information over vlan 3000 while in transport, then coming out the other end on the SF300-24 trunk port.

Is this in any way remotely correct for what we are trying to do?  I know that if we stuck with all 3550s throughout the chain that we would have some dot1q-tunnel ports configured for an easier setup, but from the limited knowledge I have on these 300 series switches they are not capable of being configured this way, and I may well be totally wrong in that.

I will be happy to clarify more on certain parts if needed, but with so many pieces of equipment in this chain screenshotting everything would be a hellish mess.

Any suggestions or input on this would be greatly helpful at this point.

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SF300 Daisy Chain VLAN Question

check the mtu's of the AirMax Bridges, lol... this made us beat our heads for way too long

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