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SFE2000, VLANS and Multiple Gateways


I've just boughta  SFE2000 as I thought it would do what I needed at a sensibel price.

Scenario us this.

We host a number of clients in a VM environment, and want to segment each off completely from the other, but have them share one of two internet gateways.

What I want to do is create multiple VM NICS, each with a different VLAN ID, assign these to ports on the SFE2000 and then route each VLAN through to one of the two internet gateways we have.

I have done the following on the switch.

Switch IP         

Internet Router 1     Connected to G1

Internet Router 2   Connected to G2

Bridging - VLAN Management - Properties

1        Default    

110    VLAN 110 Static

120    VLAN 120 Static

130    VLAN 130 Static

All assigned to Interface E2

System Management - IP Addressing - IPv4 Interface     VLAN 1     VLAN 110     VLAN 120     VLAN 130

Bridging - VLAN Management - VLAN to Port

E2 Trunk - Join VLAN 1U, 110T, 120T, 130T

Routing - Static Routing /24 Local /24 Local /24 Local /24 Local /24 /24

If I leave it as this, the VLANS can route to each other (no ACL's yet) but cannot get to the external world. If I add /0 then they can communicate, but I cannot see how I can then add the second gateway (I really want to say VLAN 130 uses Gateway, VLAN 110 uses etc).

I'm completely new to this, so any assistance would be gratefully received.



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