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SG-300 52p POE and the case of Native vlan forgotten on a Port-channel


We have recently changed our access switched to Cisco Small Business SG-300 52p on which is working firmware

SW version

We found out a very annoying problem on Port-channel and default vlan topic.

Our switch have a default vlan diffrent to the vlan 1 that depends on the floor they are, and this native vlan is at first defined on the portchannel of our central switch, a Cisco 3750

Example of a central switch port-channel with a define native vlan:

interface Port-channel2

description TO 1F

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport trunk native vlan 6

switchport trunk allowed vlan 4-6,11,13

switchport mode trunk

on the SG300 side the configuration is this:

interface Port-channel2

description 1F

switchport trunk allowed vlan add 4-5,11,13

!next command is internal.

macro auto smartport dynamic_type switch

As you can see there is no "switchport trunk native vlan 6" simply because the SG300 once i write it on the command line, it accepts the command but the command sentence is not written on the conf (why?!)

the result is that everytime the SG300 is restarted on the port-channel i got two AUTO CREATED commands on the configuration "

switchport trunk native vlan 1

switchport default-vlan tagged


that let not work the network on that floor until i manually write on the SG300

no switchport default-vlan tagged

switchport trunk native vlan 6

These command, as said, works once i write them but are not viewed on a "sh run" and so saved on the conf so every time SG 300 is restarted i need to re-write them.

Is this a bug?

have i made some mistake?

Please let me know



New Member

SG-300 52p POE and the case of Native vlan forgotten on a Port-c

Figure out!

the problem was on macro i have to write this:

macro auto processing type switch disabled

and then everything starts going as it should be



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