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New Member

SG-300 to RV320 router smartport error

Hello all,

I have a Cisco RV320 router connected to our SG-300 28 port switch (port 26).

In the GUI under smarport it keeps saying unknown and auto smart port disabled (i have it set to auto).

Does anyone have any idea why the SG300 doesnt recognise the RV320?

In the logs i see: 

21474835582014-Sep-10 22:25:01Error%AUTOSMARTPORT-E-FAILEDMACRO: Macro router for auto smart port type router on interface gi26 failed at command number 12  
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Hi Michiel,1. First of all I

Hi Michiel,

1. First of all I would ensure you have the latest boot code and firmware since there were pretty important changes made recently.

2. Another thing you might look at is the show running-configuration which normally includes information what macro is running for this port.

3. For set up with RV320 router I would configure port manually without auto macro, initially setting up as access port in 1 VLAN only and only later start configuring trunk accordingly to your network needs.

However if you still have some problems please contact Cisco Small Business Support team and open ticket:



New Member

Hello,Yes i have the latest


Yes i have the latest firmware for both products (the switch at and RV320 at

The show running configuration, where is that?

I dont need any VLAN's, the switch may function purely as switch, dont need any specific QOS or VLAN for this.

When i try to manually assign it the Smartport Application: area is greyed out so i cannot click the box.

It says

Hi Michiel,Show running

Hi Michiel,

Show running-config is available via CLI from the web interface you can just simply download the startup and running configuration files and compare. Looks like you have disabled Smartport globally.

in this case check:

1. if the port where the router is connected is UP

2. if the traffic goes both directions - Status and Statistics-->Interface

3. if the MAC address-table contains MAC address of the router at all

this could be just physical issue such as speed and duplex mismatch between RV320 and SG300



New Member

Speed is correct, 1gb full

Speed is correct, 1gb full duplex. The port is UP.

I have Smartport globally enabled. Traffic flows fine both ways.

The Mac address table contains mac address of the router fine yes.

This is what the port diagnostics says:


1. #macro description router
2. #macro keywords $native_vlan $voice_vlan
3. #
4. #macro key description: $native_vlan: The untag VLAN which will be configured on the port
5. # $voice_vlan: The voice VLAN ID
6. #
7. #Default Values are
8. #$native_vlan = Default VLAN
9. #$voice_vlan = 1
10. #
11. #the default mode is trunk
12. smartport switchport trunk allowed vlan add all
13. smartport switchport trunk native vlan $native_vlan
14. #
15. smartport storm-control broadcast level 10
16. smartport storm-control broadcast enable
17. #
18. spanning-tree link-type point-to-point
19. #
New Member

I have figured out what is

I have figured out what is going on now :)

When you set it to auto smartport it works fine (but wont detect the RV320 as router),

when you manually set the port to be Router (under smartport settings), it goes to unknown and that error like above shows up ;) Might be a good idea for Cisco to make these devices work 100% together.

Hi Michiel,Thank you for the

Hi Michiel,

Thank you for the information. Yes, we will need to look at this closely and report bug when confirmed. Having ion mind Cisco process it would be useful if we have customer ticket to support this. If you have a chance please opens support ticket and send me private message with the case number:




New Member

Uhm, there is no link to open

Uhm, there is no link to open a ticket on that page?

Hi Michiel,To open ticket

Hi Michiel,

To open ticket with Small Business Support team you can call the local line or use Online Chat support so the engineer will open it for you. It is a good practice to have Cisco ID and serial number ready with you.



Hi Michiel,One thing which is

Hi Michiel,

One thing which is worth mentioning that I have done very simple test with SG300 firmware and boot, RV320 firmware I only enable Router macro and there was no issue with automatic mechanism. So it could be very much related to the specific setup of those two devices. Thus it would be great to have ticket opened so we can look into the details.