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SG/SF 300 switch configuration change in behaviour

Since upgrading the small business switches from the initial factory shipped image( to or we are seeing a failure of our config file being completely loaded.  We have a manangement ip on vlan 99 which fails to take when you load the configuration thru  HTTP/HTTPS interface.  Cisco small business TAC states that the switch has to be switched to layer 3 mode in order for this config to be accepted. 

If you manually paste the config via cli the config will take.  Problem being is you are prompted at 2 points to enter yes during the input.  The switch mode stays layer 2.

This was working previous to  If I have my template config loaded and I upgrade to vlan 99 ip is working.  The probem is when you get a unit from the factory that has or you have to jump thru hoops to get the template to work.

Our field techs use the http interface to upload the template config.  This is broken and adds additional time to there install.

I am requesting some type of fix to allow me to use http to upload the config that uses a management ip on a different vlan and not have to switch to mode to layer 3. 

Bottom line is uploading a config should not be this difficult and it was functional before the image upgrade to

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