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SG200-26P error message

Hi forum

Newbie here, so thanks for being gentle.

When I try to edit the Administrative PVID for port 25 from 4095 to 1, it gives error as "Port gi25: IP Interface is defined on Port.."

TIA's for clues for how to undefine the IP interface on port 25, so that this error can be cleared.


SG200-26P error message

Hi Brian, can you first try to make the port an access port then assign any vlan to it as untagged?

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Re: SG200-26P error message

Hi Tom

Thanks for your reply.

I try to do this as follows ?

VLAN Management, Interface Settings, select 25, Edit,

Then change Interface VLAN Mode from General to Acess,

Administrative PVID now greys out.

When I click Apply, it gives error in red :

"Port gi25: Default Vlan Tagged prevents executing Access mode"

Should I be doing this another way ?



Using VLAN Management, Port to VLAN, try to make GE25 as "Untagged".  Gives error

"In order for an interface to become an untagged member of the default VLAN, its PVID must be set to the default VLAN's PVID."

Does this give any more clues ?

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Re: SG200-26P error message

Might be correct answer

Administration, Management Interface, IPv6 Interface, Select and delete GE25.  Save configuration.

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