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SG200-50 and LACP

I am trying to setup up an LAG with LACP between the switch and a Synology DS1511+. Every time I enable LACP on the LAG I cannot get the ports to become Active Members.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

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Re: SG200-50 and LACP


I checked out the synology manual on their implemenation of Link Agg with LACP and it is very easy to configure, however I have no idea what they are really doing.  It's just click and off she goes. When the ports aren't active in LINK AGG, to me it means that there is a issue maybe with speed or if the remote device is actually running LinkAgg with LACP

Synology  mention the following taken from their DS1511+ user guide, and I quote.

  • IEEE 802.3ad Dynamic Link Aggregation: IEEE 802.3ad is the standard for most Link Aggregation implementations. A switch with 802.3ad support is required to use in this mode.
  • Network Fault Tolerance only: If the LAN 1 port becomes unavailable, the system will use LAN 2 to provide service. You can select this option if your switch does not support IEEE 802.3ad.

I cannot answer why the synology unit is having issues with our standards based LINK Aggregation with LACP.

Therefore I will put the case for the use of using the synology Fault tolerant option.


The chart below was taken from a wonderful review from smallnetbuilder showing the throughput stats

under their testing, in MegaBits per second  (MB/s)

The DS1511+ seems almost identical to the DS2411+ that was tested, but even the good folk at

small netbuilder  see the following throughput under RAID5 conditions.

click on the picture below;

You have the option to modify my switches LinkAgg LACP parameters if you wish to try to get it working with the synology box.

Or take synology's advice and run the NAS in fault tolerant mode, if you are having a issue with LACP.

If the primary  link was to fail,  the backup link on the synoptic box should become active, without the need for trying to mate synoptic LinkAgg LACP and Cisco LinkAgg with LACP.

regards Dave

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