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New Member

SG220 Save and Syslog Problem



we've two Cisco SG220 Switches. One with Firmware and one with firmware


On both SG200 we have the problem, that the config save is alway blinking.

When i confirm the running config to the startup config, it says done and blink again after a new login to the webpage.


The other problem is, that i can enter a syslog server, but no packages are send to the server.


What can i do to debug the problem or to solve it?

Is it a known bug?



Alexander Flint


What do you mean by "blinking

What do you mean by "blinking" you mean the system LED in front of the device?
Note that the system LED blinks when any of the ff. conditions are met:
-Device is powered on and booting up
-Device is negotiating an IP address e.g., no mgmt IP has been statistically assigned/or configured

-sys LED is steady Amber, then there's a problem with your switch

Also, syslog is fairly straight forward
-Verify if your server has its port 514/UDP open, and also whatever that syslog server is, make sure it is properly configured
-Also, can your switch(SG200) reach your syslog server? Use the ping tool on SG200 and verify it.

Also, i doubt you have actually configured an IP on your switch

New Member

Hello and thanks for the

Hello and thanks for the reply.

To clear things up.

We've several SG200 switches and 2 SG220 switches.

The SG200 switches went fine with the config save and the syslog settings. The SG220 doesn't.

While the settings ui is the same on both switches, there is no configuration issue.

I can ping the switches from the syslog server and the switches can ping the syslog server.

There is no gateway between them and so no routing is used.


The blinking is the Save Button on the web UI.

I can't see if the LED in front of the device is blinking, because it is at a customer site. But i will try to get the information about that.


When i've setup the other switches to the syslog server, an initital message was send to the server, that it is now properly configured. But only on the SG200 switches, not on the 2 SG220.

I'll try to get the LED status when i save the config, logout and logon again.



New Member

Hi A.Flint, Usually when the

Hi A.Flint,


Usually when the config light is blinking, you save the configuration file from running to startup config then the blinking save light will disappear. The config save blink will come back after you make any changes on your switch. I do not know of any known bugs regarding this problem. 


Once you have your syslog server configured under Administration -> System log -> Remote log servers, any syslog server should, by default listen under UDP port 514, work without any configurations. Also, please make sure that you can ping the syslog server and make sure you disable all security appliances on that syslog server. You can test by unplugging and plugging in a port as that will trigger syslog server logs.


I hope that was informative.


Brian Ng


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