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SG300-10 ( Layer-3 Mode

I'm having an issue getting my SG300-10 into Layer-3 mode.  I had it in Layer-3 mode under version, performed a factory reset by holding down the hard-reset button for 10 seconds.  Updated boot loader to and SW Firmware to


switchc4f42e#sh ver
SW version ( date  06-Aug-2014 time  16:55:55 )
Boot version ( date  21-Jul-2013 time  15:12:10 )
HW version    V02


Now I cannot find the option to switch it back into Layer-3 mode.  There is no "menu" option at the console (serial).


  boot                 Boot Commands
  clear                Reset functions
  clock                Manage the system clock
  configure            Enter configuration mode
  copy                 Copy from one file to another
  crypto               Cryptographic commands
  debug-mode           Exit from the EXEC to debug mode
  delete               Delete a file from the flash file system
  dir                  Display the list of files on the flash file system
  disable              Disable privileged commands
  dot1x                802.1x EXEC commands
  errdisable           Err-Disable shutdown commands.
  exit                 Exit from the EXEC
  green-ethernet       Green ethernet commands
  help                 Description of the interactive help system
  ip                   Global IP configuration commands
  login                Exit from the EXEC and Log in
  macro                Ports macros
  more                 Display a file
  no                   Negate command
  ping                 Send echo messages.
  reload               Halt and perform a cold restart
  rename               Rename a file                  
  renew                Renew DHCP address
  resume               Resume telnet session.
  set                  Set System Parameters
  show                 Show running system information
  telnet               Open telnet session.
  terminal             Set current session functions
  test                 diagnose
  traceroute           Discover the routes to destination.
  write                Write running configuration to memory or terminal
% Unrecognized command


What do I need to do to get this switch back into Layer-3 mode?

New Member

Never mind, I found it ....

Never mind, I found it ....


switchc4f42e#set system mode router
Changing the switch working mode will *delete* the startup configuration file and reset the device right after that. It is highly recommended that you will backup it before changing the mode, continue ? (Y/N)[N] Y

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