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SG300-10MP boot error

I have many SG300-10MP switches.  I went to install one, and when I powered it up, it did nothing.  The system light flashed.  Left it 10 minutes and nothing.  The next day, I plugged in to the console port and booted the switch.  It asked me for the MAC address, serial number, and harware revision  number.  I was able to find the MAC and serial number.  I could find a hardware revion number that matched the format the switch was asking for.  I left it blank. 

Question 1:It that a problem for the switch not to know that?

Question 2:How do I find that infomation?

Question 3:Where do I entert that information.  I can't seem to get back to that screen. 



SG300-10MP boot error

Hi Lawrence, that screen is not "reproduceable". I will assure it is not normal that it happens. Essentially that switch software was very damaged to the point it needed to "register" itself. Those fields are extremely important to fill in correctly otherwise adverse behavior may occur.

The only way I've seen cause this to happen is a severe power problem (like a massive spike of increased power).

If you did something such as incorrectly fill in a version number you may not be able to update software on the switch as an example.

If there's any problems, I'd try to RMA the switch or return to the vendor.

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SG300-10MP boot error

I was able to upgrade the firmware. 

anybody know how to get that done

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